Grow your net worth with smart tax optimization

Carry is an all-in-one platform for tax-advantaged accounts, investments and strategy for business owners and high earning professionals.

For business owners

Access to Solo 401k, cash balance plans, and Mega backdoor Roth

For high-income professionals

Offset taxes with alternative investments, backdoor Roth IRA, and estate planning trusts

For everyone

Get a custom financial plan, retirement accounts, and our no-fee roboadvisor

The most powerful retirement account in America

If you own a business with no employees or have a side hustle, you're eligible for a Solo 401k. Dollar for dollar, this beats out every retirement account in size and flexibility.

Up to a $69K tax deduction ($76.5K if over 50)
Tax-free growth and compounding
Invest in any asset class you like
Supports Roth contributions, including Mega Backdoor Roth
Borrow from your plan at any time

A modern investment platform with no fees

We've built a brokerage within every Carry account, allowing you to invest in stocks or ETFs without incurring any AUM fees.

Not sure what to invest in? Our Automated accounts create a smart portfolio tailored to your age and risk tolerance.

Simply set up a recurring contribution, and we'll handle everything else. Plus, the cash in your account is FDIC insured and your securities are safeguarded by SIPC, up to their respective limits.

Diversify with alternative investments

Unlike traditional brokerages, Carry lets you use your retirement dollars to invest in a variety of alternative assets. This includes crypto, real estate, private companies, venture and private equity funds, and more.

You can also use tax-advantaged Roth accounts to compound your wealth by investing in these assets directly from your IRA or Solo 401k.

Pro plan only

Built for financial advisors and tax professionals: yours or ours

If you already have a financial advisor or CPA, we'll provide them with a dashboard to serve you better.

If you don't have one, we can connect you with a Carry Planner through our Pro plan, who will create a custom financial plan specifically for your situation.

Our Pro plan includes a built-in live chat feature where you can ask your planner as many questions as you'd like.

Pro plan only

Find the perfect fit for your financial goals

Basic Plan

$29/month $299/year

Carry Solo 401k, IRAs & Brokerage Accounts
Security and compliance monitoring
No AUM fees
30-day refund guarantee
Eligible business expense for your taxes
Most Popular

Pro Plan

$49/month $499/year

Everything included in the Basic Plan, plus:
Self-directed IRAs
Chat with financial planner
Custom financial plan

VIP Plan

$500-$1,500/month $6k-$18k/year

Everything included in the Pro Plan, plus:
Personalized planning with an expert to identify top tax-saving opportunities
Done-for-you execution to set up your business entity, payroll and bookkeeping
Tax filing for personal and business returns to ensure maximum savings

Best for business owners earning $200k+ in profit annually. Limited spots, by application only.

Discover why our customers trust Carry

"I am in *heaven* with Carry. Payroll deduction to my Solo 401k and then automatically invested. You solved the use case that matters most. If i wasn’t running my own startup, I’d want to work with you all."

Cheryl Kellond, Carry Customer

"Major shoutout to my tax strategist from [Carry]. She crafted for me a 32-page tax and financial plan that outlined insurance, retirement, and how to achieve my LT goals."

Austin Hankwitz, Carry Customer

"Thanks so much. I reviewed my financial plan and it provided a lot of guidance and things to think about in terms of my long-term goals."

Sherrell Dorsey, Carry Customer

"It was one of the first platforms I’ve seen that specifically targets and helps solopreneurs, s-corp owners, self-employed, and gives them an all-in-one platform to easily manage retirement and tax saving strategies and accounts. I once tried to open a Solo 401k with [Other Provider], and it was a daunting task. Carry was a few clicks."

Nick Chester, Carry Customer

"I love Carry so much. It was so easy to set up my Solo 401k (which if you’ve ever tried to do that, it’s not always super simple) and inside I was able to invest in a ton of different ETF options"

Erin Confortini, Carry Customer
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Experience the Power of Carry: A Live Demo and Walkthrough

July 18, 2024 at 2:00pm EST / 11:00am PST

Back by popular demand. A free, live workshop specifically for business owners on key strategies you can use to pay less in taxes in 2024.

Join us as we dive into all the ways Carry can simplify your financial journey and streamline tax processes.

Here’s what we’ll cover:
  • A step-by-step guide on setting up your Carry account, with insights into the diverse account options available
  • Unlocking the full potential of your account through features such as our financial planner, robo-advisor, and seamless auto-contribution setup
  • How to do complex tax-saving strategies (like a Mega Backdoor Roth) in clicks
  • And much more!

Replays: Will be sent out to anyone who registers so save your seat even if you can’t attend live

Can’t attend live but want your questions answered? Ask and tag us on social @carryhq_

Jess Catorc
Ankur Nagpal

July 18, 2024 at 2:00pm EST / 11:00am PST

Who it's for

Business Owners, Freelancers, Side-hustlers, Creators

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Questions before joining?

Why does Carry have an upfront fee?

At Carry, our upfront fee is transparent and covers full access to our plans and services, with no AUM fees lurking around. Curious about what each tier offers? Check out our detailed pricing list here:

Can I move my existing Solo 401k or IRA to Carry?


For Solo 401k: Just set up your Carry account and select the option to restate your plan.

For IRAs: Simply create a new IRA after setting up your Carry account and transfer your assets

Have questions about the process? We're here to help, just reach out!

Can I sign up for a Solo 401k as a Sole Proprietor or do I need an LLC?

Yes! If you're a Sole Proprietor, you can easily set up a Solo 401k with us.

No LLC? No problem! All you need is an EIN, which you can obtain from the IRS website. The application usually takes a few minutes and issue your EIN instantly.

Who can set up a Solo 401k?

You would most likely qualify if:

  • You're earning self-employed income as a business owner, freelancer, creator, or side-hustler (any business entity type is eligible, including multi-partner LLCs)
  • You have no full-time employees (outside of your spouse)
  • You're a U.S. resident

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

Are there any other fees with Carry?

Transparency is key, so here's the breakdown: While Carry does not charge AUM fees, there are other standard fees (which are comparable with other providers in the industry). This includes:

  • Any underlying investment fees (for ex. If you buy an ETF, the underlying fund expense ratio; this goes to the fund and not Carry)
  • Certain transaction fees charged by our custodian, like initiating an outgoing ACH ($0.25) or requesting a physical check
Can I/how do I invest in alternative assets with Carry?

With Carry, you can set up a Self-Directed IRA to explore alternative asset investments. Learn more about SDIRAs and how to get started here:

  • Any underlying investment fees (for ex. If you buy an ETF, the underlying fund expense ratio; this goes to the fund and not Carry)
  • Certain transaction fees charged by our custodian, like initiating an outgoing ACH ($0.25) or requesting a physical check