Carry VIP

Tax planning & filing for business owners and professionals

Carry VIP is a done-for-you tax service for business owners and professionals with $200k+ in net annual income. We help you proactively plan to pay less in taxes and file your personal and business tax returns for you. Carry VIP costs between $750-$1,500 a month and can be a business expense!

What Carry VIP Includes

Proactive Tax Planning

Unlike traditional CPA firms that simply file your returns for you, we plan on how you can reduce your tax bill and then work with you to implement it.


If you don’t already have a competent bookkeeping solution, we can also do your business bookkeeping.

Tax Returns

We are a team of licensed tax professionals and will file all your tax returns for you - personal AND business.

Salary Optimization

We help you optimize your salary for tax reduction with retirement plans and health insurance.

Discover why our customers trust Carry

"I am in *heaven* with Carry. Payroll deduction to my Solo 401k and then automatically invested. You solved the use case that matters most. If i wasn’t running my own startup, I’d want to work with you all."

Cheryl Kellond, Carry Customer

"Major shoutout to my tax strategist from [Carry]. She crafted for me a 32-page tax and financial plan that outlined insurance, retirement, and how to achieve my LT goals."

Austin Hankwitz, Carry Customer

"Thanks so much. I reviewed my financial plan and it provided a lot of guidance and things to think about in terms of my long-term goals."

Sherrell Dorsey, Carry Customer

"It was one of the first platforms I’ve seen that specifically targets and helps solopreneurs, s-corp owners, self-employed, and gives them an all-in-one platform to easily manage retirement and tax saving strategies and accounts. I once tried to open a Solo 401k with [Other Provider], and it was a daunting task. Carry was a few clicks."

Nick Chester, Carry Customer

"I love Carry so much. It was so easy to set up my Solo 401k (which if you’ve ever tried to do that, it’s not always super simple) and inside I was able to invest in a ton of different ETF options"

Erin Confortini, Carry Customer

Questions before joining?

What can Carry VIP do to save me money on taxes?
  • Evaluate and set up the best structure for your business
  • Figure out exactly how much you should be paying yourself to optimize taxes
  • Set up the best retirement accounts based on your eligibility and calculate exactly how much to contribute and to what category
  • Explore advanced types of accounts that could make sense including defined benefit plans, charitable remainder trusts, GRAT’s and more
  • Optimizing your Qualified Business Income (QBI) deduction
  • Retained earnings and dividend minimization
  • Tax-Loss Harvesting and Tax-Gain Harvesting
  • Opportunity Zone Fund Deferrals
  • Backdoor and Mega Backdoor Roth
  • Bonus depreciation of Rental Properties
  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plans
  • & more

In addition to all of this, the goal with Carry VIP is to “close the loop” by also doing your tax returns.

What is Carry VIP?

Carry VIP is our premium service for business owners that earn $200K+ in net income to optimize their taxes.

We help you with proactive tax planning, optimization and filing your personal and business tax returns to reduce the amount you pay in taxes.

What does Carry VIP include?

Our goal behind Carry VIP is to set you up for tax savings on autopilot. For most business owners with $200K+ in net income, the subscription fee should more than pay for itself with increased savings.

The specific services this includes:

  • Proactive tax planning
  • Bookkeeping (if you don’t already have a solution)
  • Tax filing for both your individual and business return
  • Strategies to help you optimize your salary for tax reduction with retirement plans and health insurance
How much does Carry VIP cost?

Carry VIP is a premium service and works out to $750-$1,500 a month based on complexity.

If you own a business, you can likely pay for this with pre-tax business income!

How do I learn more if Carry VIP is a fit for me?

We’re only onboarding a handful of customers every month so we’re focusing on finding customers that would benefit the most.

If you would like to apply, you can use this link.