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Free downloadable ebooks, courses, and templates to help you manage your business and finances

[Free Course] From Zero to Millions: How to Grow

Go behind the scenes with industry leaders as they reveal their strategies for growing massive audiences and profitable businesses.

[Free Course] 5 Strategies to Pay Less in Taxes

Learn 5 of our 25 top tax-saving strategies for business owners, professionals, and W-2 earners. Lessons are flexible and can be taken in any order.

Behind-the-Scenes Look at Carry's "SMART" Tax Saving System

A sneak peek into our custom 5-step framework that has helped us save Carry VIP clients an average of $10k-$20k/year...

[Free Course] Mastering The Art of Credit Card Points

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to earn and redeem points for amazing travel experiences (without increasing your spending) guided by Sebastian Fung, personal finance expert and credit card enthusiast.

Personal Finance for Startup Founders

A free 20,000 word guide on personal finance for startup founders. The guide covers equity & how to manage your cap table, building a team, QSBS, fundraising strategies, selling secondaries, exiting your company & more!

Stock Option Calculator

Calculating your stock options can be confusing. We put together a free calculator to help founders and employees with stock options make more informed decisions.

Discover Carry: Your Free Demo & Guide to Easier Finances

Stop dreading tax season! Download Carry's FREE demo & discover how it simplifies your finances AND streamlines filing. Breathe easy knowing you've got your finances under control.

The Business Owner’s Guide To Paying Less In Taxes

A complete guide to the biggest tax saving strategies for US business owners, freelancers, self-employed individuals, and side hustlers.

The Solo 401k Handbook

Everything you need to know about the most powerful retirement plan for business owners and the self-employed, in a handy PDF guide (updated for 2024).

The Self-Directed IRA Handbook

Everything you need to know about investing and growing your wealth with a self-directed IRA

The Roth IRA Handbook

Everything you need to know about investing and growing your wealth with a Roth IRA

[Free Course] Start a Business to Sponsor Your US Visa

A step-by-step video course on how to successfully obtain your O-1 visa. Get free access to the entire course by signing up.

QSBS Guide for Startup Founders

This is a work in progress 2,500+ word guide on everything startup founders need to know about QSBS. Feedback very welcome! This is part of the curriculum for the Personal Finance for Startup Founders course releasing soon.

The 2024 Annual Planning Bundle

Kick off 2024 with a fresh start using Carry’s free 2024 Financial Planning Bundle. Harness the power of goal-setting, project planning, and tracking your cashflow (without the overwhelm). Get instant access today!

Equity Compensation Calculator

Startup compensation can be confusing. We put together a free calculator to help founders and employees with equity make more informed decisions.

End of Year Financial Checklist

Stay on top of your finances and pay less taxes by completing our smart money to-do list before the end of the year.

The Ultimate Guide to Managing Money in Your 20s

Get rich and start building wealth in your 20s (without gambling everything into crypto and NFTs). Here’s a more practical, reliable way to start securing your bag early.

Teachable Investor Reports

Every monthly investor report I shared growing Teachable from new company to $250 million exit.

Financial Forecast Template

Whether you run a 7-figure business or a small weekend side hustle, forecasting helps you map out what your financial situation will be like. The goal is to validate if your business model makes sense from a financial standpoint. It gives you an idea of your potential for growth and making money.

Your Go To Personal Finance Resource List

A thoughtfully curated collection of the 15 best personal finance resources (podcasts, books, newsletters, calculators) to help you get started on your wealth-building journey.

Budget Planner Spreadsheet

Input your expenses, pay checks and income and get a bird’s-eye view of your budget and finances for the year.

Angel Investing 101

Elizabeth Yin, co-founder and General Partner at Hustle Fund, a pre-seed fund for software entrepreneurs, teaches you how to get started in angel investing with as little as $1,000.

How to Understand and Negotiate Your Equity at a Startup

Download the free workshop by Carry founders, Ankur Nagpal and Jess Catorc on how equity really works and how to successfully negotiate to get more equity.

The Ultimate Net Worth Tracking Spreadsheet

Enter your assets, income sources, and goals into the calculator to calculate your net worth and measure how it will perform with time and inflation.

How To Get An O-1 Visa

Main features, eligibility rules, and how to submit a successful application and get approved on your first try.

12 Tax Hacks for Business Owners

One of the best parts of owning a business is the tax write offs and deferral opportunities that aren’t available with just a W-2 income.