A year ago, we started Ocho with the mission of helping business owners build wealth.

It’s been an incredible 12 months – we’ve grown to a team of 10 people supporting 500+ business owners who have invested millions of dollars with us.

But as our platform and ambitions have grown, we found ourselves looking for a new name that better reflected our vision.

Say hello to Carry.

What does Carry do?

Our goal remains unchanged – we exist to empower business owners to build wealth.

There’s no one size fits all approach to being a business owner. From creators and freelancers to startup founders and modern professionals who juggle full-time jobs and side hustles, we’re building for you all.

We also developed a greater sense of clarity in how precisely we will serve you:

1 – We help you save money on taxes

It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep. 

Being a business owner – or even having a side hustle – confers a ton of tax benefits. We’re building our platform to make it incredibly easy for you to find and execute on these strategies.

Whether it’s helping you create tax-advantaged accounts, analyzing your returns for potential tax savings or optimizing your investments to reduce taxes, we can help you save thousands of dollars a year.

2 – We help you invest intelligently (and without AUM fees)

The financial industry is overrun with expensive investment products, hidden fees and design that incentivizes irresponsible behavior.

We took the opposite approach and built our investment platform from the ground up to help you invest intelligently and without predatory fees.

You can create a Solo 401k, IRA or brokerage account – we’ll build you an intelligent portfolio, and you set up a recurring deposit to automate your money. We’re also working to bring you alternative assets that you can invest in from tax-deferred accounts for greater savings.

3 – We connect you with the best (human) professionals 

While we’re a technology company, we don’t believe that every single thing can be automated with technology.

It’s your money and livelihood – and when you want to talk to a trained professional, we’ll connect you with one.

What changes should customers expect?

Outside of a new brand, you can count on the same level of experience and service you have come to rely on.

We have an exciting roadmap that we can’t wait to share with you – and a lot of big announcements in the coming weeks as we lead into the 2023 tax season.

As always, we love hearing from our customers so get in touch.

P.S. We’re hosting a free workshop on October 18 to help business owners and professionals save money on their 2023 taxes – save your spot here.