What’s Inside?

A solo 401k is the most powerful and versatile retirement plan available for business owners, freelancers, creators, and self-employed individuals. This free ebook covers everything you need to know around eligibility rules, benefits and tax advantages, contribution limits, and how to use your solo 401k when you’ve opened your account.

Table of contents

  1. Basics & eligibility rules
  2. Benefits & tax advantages
  3. Contribution limits and how it compares with a 401k and IRA
  4. Contribution types (employer vs employee contributions)
  5. How a Roth solo 401k works
  6. How to choose between Roth and pre-tax contributions
  7. What is the mega backdoor Roth solo 401k and how does it work?
  8. Solo 401k vs SEP IRA
  9. Start your solo 401k
  10. Additional resources