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Discover How to Pay Less in Taxes and Get Smarter With Your Money

In-depth Finance Courses + Guides

Demystifies topics like tax-saving strategies, mastering credit card points & miles, investing, and more.

Carry Platform for Tax Savings

Set up powerful accounts like Self-directed IRAs and Solo 401ks (up to $69,000 deduction for 2024).

Invest With Ease

Stocks, ETFs, alternative assets – no AUM fees.

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Access live Q&As, personalized financial planning (on Pro plan), tailored to your unique situation as a business owner.

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Why Entrepreneurs Love This Combo

You're an entrepreneur, not an accountant. You're focused on growing your business, not drowning in paperwork or stressing about taxes, investments, and retirement planning.

This is where Carry steps in.

Think of it like a partnership that simplifies your finances, and empowers you to make smarter choices, so you can focus on growing your business with confidence.

Risk-free 7-day trial; renews at $29/month post-trial; cancel anytime.

What they’re saying about Carry

You guys really nailed the educational component here - impressive work. UX is fantastic.

Patrick Cason

I've been a customer for just over a year. Great UX compared to legacy products out there. Thanks for building this!

Shahed Khan

You all hustled in the last weeks of December and saved me $500 with a single email to opt into a change.

Andre Nader

I was exactly in this position last year and @ankurnagpal and his @carryhq_ team comprising @seanfgates helped my business immensely and saved me thousands of $$$. #Long @carryhq_

Dilip Malave

HUGE fan of Carry. My wife and I use it for our Solo 401Ks, and it's so much better than the alternatives we explored.

Jay Clouse

This is my second year using Carry as a happy customer - best product in the market for solo401k. Period. Also impressed by the speed at which the product improves.

Danish Dhamani

I love that Carry puts business owners in charge (literally, lets you select any asset) but solves the tax complexity problem.

Lainy Painter

I've not only put away more money in the last 2 years via Carry than the last 5 years combined (solo401k FTW!), I've also learned so much about the tax code. As they say, the only partner you'll have on every business is the US federal government. Learn how to optimize your share.

Matt Brezina

We used to dread the complexity and the jargon of financial planning and investments. Now, we're making informed decisions without feeling overwhelmed, all thanks to Carry. It's more than just a platform for managing your money. It's a tool that helps you learn to make smarter financial choices.

David Paluy

What makes this $1 trial a no-brainer?

Personal finance tailored for entrepreneurs

Ditch generic financial “advice” and discover tax strategies designed for business owners like you.

Premium Course Hub

Get access to even more great courses inside of our library of premium personal finance courses tailored specifically for you as a business owners. Learn powerful tax saving strategies, how to master credit card points & miles, investing, and more!

Simplify your finances with the Carry platform

Access accounts designed to minimize your tax burden (like Solo 401ks), access stocks, ETFs, and alternative assets – with no AUM fees.

Get a custom financial plan & chat with a planner

If you join Carry's Pro plan, you'll also get access to a custom financial plan and ability to chat with a financial planner directly in the platform!

Access to the Experts

Our educational resources and live events feature a variety of financial experts, including CPAs, financial planners, bookkeepers, and top entrepreneurs.

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